Creating an Audition/Virdition

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There are 3 steps to creating an audition on VIRDITION after you have logged in.

Step 1. Create Audition

        • Click on ‘Audition/Contest Options’

• Go down to ‘Create New Audition’ & Click.


Step 2. Enter Info

The Create Audition page has 5 sections:

• Of these sections, only the first 3 are the ones you enter information into.

• The other 2 are for verifying and sharing that audition, which we’ll cover later in this tutorial.

  1. The EVENT section is where you enter the General information about your Audition.

  2. The TALENT section is where you enter the Specific information about the Roles for the Audition that you want the entries to be.

  3. The BRANDING section is where you can configure the Look of the audition to be consistent with your company’s brand. This is an optional feature that is included in the StarFinder Pro plan.

Step 3. Confirm Info

The CONFIRM section is where you look over the information you’ve entered in from the previous sections. If the info needs to be checked or not determined yet, you can click SAVE DRAFT and all of your information for the audition will be saved with your account but not Active.

The Audition goes live when you hit the ‘Confirm’.

    The SHARE section aids you in getting the word out about your newly published Audition through a large number of ways.

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