Managing Audition/Virdition Submissions

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Manage Auditions/Virditions

This is the Overview of one usual way to use the Audition Management System in VIRDITION


1.) Industry Pro clicks on Audition/Contest Options and goes down to Manage Auditions

2.) To review Applicants, click on the number of Applicants and will go to the Talent Review Screen

    • In the Talent Review Screen, the submitted materials of each applicant will be made available for review and critique as well as a link to check portfolio if further interest is garnered.

    • After review, the critique is required but IPro can decide whether to Reject, move to Callback list for further review, OR send to the end of the list of Applicants if decision cannot be made right away.

        *The critique is based on the submission in the following 4 categories:

                        1. Originality

                        2. Appearance

                        3. Skill

                        4. Performance

    • To aid with decisions, Talent’s Industry rating is also shown. The industry rating is the Average based on Talent’s submissions to Industry Professionals.

3.) Industry Professional schedules a Live Audition with the Finalists

    • Calendars of both the Talent and Reviewing Industry Pro are accessible from the Talent Review page and can be scheduled according to the availability of both.

    • Live Audition can always be rescheduled should situations change with any other coordination

    • Live Multichat/Audition can host multiple people simultaneously in a Rehearsal Room which can include Other Industry Professionals as well.

4.) Industry Professional declares Winner(s)

    • Multiple Winners can be declared (eg, if needing alternates, but recommended is recommended to notify the talent of the designations)

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