How to use the LiveTime™ and Impromp2™ Live Audition Rooms

How to Schedule a Impromp2 appointment Video- Click Here

How to Schedule LiveTime Appointment Video- Click Here

VIRDITION’s audition management system integrates a live video feature for Industry Pros to enable online interaction with Talent as well as face-to-face interaction between other Talent and Industry Pros as well.

The LiveTime™  Group Live Audition Rooms allow multiple users in the each audition room. You can schedule an audition to invite your group, to join you at a specified time in a live online audition. Your group can consist of  people made up of talent, industry pros, and anyone else whom you invite with a secure link, such as an invited client or producer.

The Impromp2™ One-on-One Live Audition room allows no more than  2 users to have a real-time live audition/rehearsal.

There are multiple ways to schedule a Live Audition Room as well as Network in the video Audition and Rehearsal rooms. Here are the basics:

There are two types of Live interactions:

  1. Scheduled - Coordinated through Calendar Scheduling.

  2. Unscheduled - NOT coordinated through Calendar.

Scheduling a LiveTime™ Live Audition Room

The LiveTime™ Live Audition Room allows up to Multiple Talent and/or IPros to simultaneously participate in a Live Online Audition without even having to leave the room!

• From the Audition Management page, IPro can click on the number for the Callback/Finalist number to view the list of applicants.

• Click on “Schedule Multi Person Audition Video Conference”, that will open the page for Scheduling a LiveTime™ Live Audition.

• On the next page, click the button for “Create Multi Person Conference” which will have fields for scheduling appear.

  1. Those fields can allow the IPro to schedule each LiveTime™ Audition Room for multiple people per Audition Room.

  2. The IPro can schedule however many audition rooms that are needed to aid in the decision-making process to narrow down to the desired talent.

  3. With a single click on the green arrows icon, it will check the availability of every entry in the list for the time and length of the audition.

• You can confirm the Live Audition by clicking on the “Set Schedule” button.

• To invite anybody else to fit in additional slots for the LiveTime audition, you can click “Get URL” to copy the link into your computer’s clipboard and paste it to the messages or emails of the individuals you would like to add.

When that time arrives, you can join either by pasting the URL into your browser or clicking on the multiple person icon on your Dashboard at the Virdition site.

Editing Scheduled LiveTime™ Group Live Audition

You can go and edit any scheduled Live Auditions by clicking on your Calendar and it will default on the List.

On these events, it will show each Group audition as well as the availability of the Talent and the roles they are scheduled for.

Rescheduling Appointment - Use calendar to reschedule LiveTime™ Appointments.

Unscheduled LiveTime™ Group Live Audition Room

To host a Unscheduled LiveTime™ Live Audition, click on “LiveTime Video Chat Rooms” from your tools menu bar or dash board and your browser will automatically open up the LiveTime™ software and everyone entering unscheduled enter in the Lobby where everyone having it unscheduled start.

Scheduled auditions will immediately send everybody invited to an audition room, maintaining the discretion needed for the rehearsal and audition process.

Using the LiveTime™ Live, Online Audition and Rehearsal rooms

After entering the audition room, material can be uploaded for the rest of the attendees to download as well, making script uploads a breeze by clicking on the ‘Upload’ button!

• Your own broadcast stream is defaulted to the top right of the LiveTime™ window.

Using Impromp2™ Live, Online Group Audition

Scheduled Impromp2™ Live, Online One-On-One Audition/Rehearsal Room

From the Audition Management System, click on the Action Icon and it will bring up the ‘View Entry’ page

  1. The section for the Impromp2™ Schedule A Live Audition Interview is where you are allowed to schedule within.

  2. By default, the Talent’s calendar is already visible below to see their availability and you can toggle your own calendar

  3. From the column, you can set the time, time zone, and duration when setting it up with that individual applicant.

  4. You can also set a time response time for the Talent to confirm the scheduled Impromp2™ Live, Online One-on-One Audition.

Unscheduled Impromp2™ One-on-One Live Audition Room

To initiate a Live Impromp2™ Audition with someone in your network, you can just click on the “Click to chat” icon on your dashboard.

You can also initiate Impromp2™ Audition with anyone from their portfolio view by clicking on their “Online” button if they are online.

Impromp2™ Live, Online One-On-One Audition

Here, we’ll cover the most common method for the Audition Review work flow.

Scheduled Impromp2™ One-on-One Live Audition Room

When you are reviewing a submission on the Audition Review page (recommended Finalist), the Step 3 - Ready for Live Audition allows the convenience of scheduling an Impromp2™ Live Audition Room with that Talent.

    This field allows you to:

    • Send a custom message to the Talent when you schedule this audition room

    • Check the availability of the selected talent by their VIRDITION Calendar as well as your own VIRDITION Calendar.

LiveTime™ Items List

The following items are shown on the screen, and will have a brief description.

    Screens - These are the live video screens that stream from the individual user (Talent and IPro alike). The size and locations for each screen is customizable for each session.

    People List - This is where you see all the people in the room by their name with an indicator of their connection status. You can click on the name choose which screen you want their video feed to go and/or send them live buzzes & private messages as well as change your status.

    Lobby - This is the group text window that allows the group chat through text as well as group messages from the system (ie, when someone leaves the room, is unavailable).

    Rooms - This is the list of rooms that are separated into each tab and category. The tabs are Audition, Rehearsal, and Network--each are optimized for particular uses for the task that they are labeled by. In the network tab, there are multiple categories that are broken down by talent categories to allow easy networking by abilities.

    Lobby Files - These are for files to be uploaded and shared in the room. Those files can be documents, videos, pictures, or video files which only stay in that room until deleted or everybody leaves the room. That maintains the confidentiality of the material shared.

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