Setting Up Your Industry Pro Branded Company Profile

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Being easy to find to get the gigs that you want are what we like to encourage here at VIRDITION. The best way is to have your profile all set up. We’ll go over the steps that you can take to make sure your VIRDITION profile is up to par with the rest of the industry.

* Primarily, VIRDITION is the way for you to manage your talent, their submissions and your auditions for them. VIRDITION NOT JUST A POSTING SITE and as we go along, you will see how.

Setting up Your Account & Profile

The rest of this will be focused on your own account since the Talent Account is set up

1.) Hover over on Manage and click on ‘Edit Profile’.

2.) Under the left column, click on the Info link under the Manage section, you can enter in the personal/company information under the applicable tab. Save changes before moving to next page.

    3.) Click on the People tab and Add a person to your Agents list, at least 1 by putting a name for you to refer to that email address by and click the + button. This will be the list of notification contacts on your team. Save changes if any are made.

4.)The Location tab is where you just enter the office address(es). Save Changes.

5.) If the account has a plan including the White Label option, you can upload the company logo and/or banner to be included with a selected theme as well as a background image. To do this, you click on the Custom Branding over by the column on the left.

    6.) On the Left Column, click the links under Uploads for any company promotional material, while the links under Manage are for configuring the details of the profile that were covered in one page earlier.

    7.) The last thing you will need to set up is for your Calendar to show when you can schedule a LiveTime™ or Impromp2™ Auditions . Click on Calendar and the next screen shows what is already in your calendar as a schedule.

        • When you add an event, you can set the times when you’re available or busy which aids you with scheduling your interactions with talent as well as make the scheduler automatically aware of your availability for LiveTime™ and Impromp2™ Online Auditions.

The rest of the setup is optional.

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