Promoting Auditions

We’ll cover 5 ways to distribute and promote your Audition now that it’s been created. All of which can be done right here, from your Create Audition page.

1.) Notify all the talent on VIRDITION that matches any talent description?

The simplest method, it’s just a checkbox that you click while you are selecting contacts in your VIRDITION network that you would like to also forward the audition to for talent.

By clicking, it opens up more fields where you can narrow down by location area. All fields are optional, you just have to remember that it gets as specific as you make it.

2.) VIRDITION network

This works with the previous method where you select however many contacts you have in your network that you want to forward this Audition to aid with your search for the Talent that you need for your project.

You can select alphabetically or search by name. You can Select All or click on individual contacts.

When you are done selecting, you can click ‘Share Audition’ and it instantly notifies all of those contacts about your audition!

3.) Email Network

VIRDITION has built-in email widgets that allow you to send emails through 5 of the most popular email providers, whichever account you conduct your business email through! Also included is the CSV importer which allows you to even import contacts from proprietary company servers that use Microsoft Outlook.

4.) Social Media

To further spread the word of your new Audition, you can output to the current Top 3 social media networks with links for that audition. This puts viral marketing at your fingertips just by clicking on the logo and logging in--this only outputs the Audition, it doesn’t retain any other information.

5.) Website/html

There are so many more ways, you can even use the html code supplied in this window to promote your Audition on your company websites, blogs or any other Social Media network that you are using!

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