Entering a Featured Competition

1. Enter through one of our partner’s website, and you will be brought right to competition entry form.

·         Fill out the entry form.


Enter directly through Virditon.com and scroll down to see our featured competitions or select the region you would like to compete in.

·         Select a competition

·         View competition details.

·         Complete entry form. 

2.  NOTE: Some competitions require an entry fee, and some may be free. If applicable, fill in payment      

3.      Select competition content (audio, video, or text file) to upload for judging. For each round, you have the option to change your judging material.

4.      Upload a profile picture, and click Submit.

5.      May begin sharing your entry with social media and email contact to obtain votes. (We strongly suggest building your profile before sharing).

Click here to watch a step-by-step video tutorial.

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