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  1. After I sign up as talent, how do I make the most of my account?

  2. Building Your Talent Portfolio

  3. Can I audition for more than one role?

  4. Creating an Audition/Virdition

  5. Do I still own the rights to my Intellectual Property after uploading to VIRDITION?

  6. Does my company need a VIRDITION profile?

  7. Entering a Featured Competition

  8. How can I change my email?

  9. How can I upgrade my account?

  10. How can I upgrade my account?

  11. How can I use my previously used email address for a different account?

  12. How can my school/non-profit/small agency use VIRDITION?

  13. How do I add events to my calendar?

  14. How do I add the additional social media icons onto my account?

  15. How do I change my basic information on my portfolio?

  16. How do I change my profile picture or delete a picture?

  17. How do I chat and rehearse live with friends?

  18. How do I create a band or performance group if I have a Talent account?

  19. How do I create a Contest?

  20. How do I create an audition?

  21. How do I customize my portfolio?

  22. How do I edit an audition?

  23. How do I EDIT my calendar event?

  24. How do I Edit my Company Profile?

  25. How do I edit my Contest?

  26. How do I import contacts from my Outlook mail program?

  27. How do I invite friends to view and rate my portfolio?

  28. How do I know I have other users online?

  29. How do I know my status in an Audition I entered?

  30. How do I prevent getting spam for my auditions from other agents?

  31. How do I protect my writing and art works?

  32. How do I record myself reading scripts, singing for auditions, etc?

  33. How do I review contestants that have entered my Contest?

  34. How do I schedule a LiveTime™ Live Online Group Audition?

  35. How do I search for a Audition?

  36. How do I search for other talent?

  37. How do I search for other talents like myself?

  38. How do I send a Network request to another VIRDITION member to add them to my VIRDITION Network?

  39. How do I send my portfolio directly to an industry member?

  40. How do I share a Talent's portfolio directly to an industry member?

  41. How do I sign up if I'm a promoter/marketer?

  42. How do I upload audio files?

  43. How do I upload my competition audio file?

  44. How do I upload my competition profile picture?

  45. How do I upload my competition video?

  46. How do I upload pictures to my agency profile?

  47. How do I upload promotional videos to my company profile?

  48. How do I upload written works?

  49. How do I use promo codes?

  50. How do I use the ScreenTest Recorder™?

  51. How do I view my uploaded pictures, videos, audio files, recordings and written works on my portfolio?

  52. How do I view my uploaded stuff on my profile?

  53. How do I view the White-Labeling options I have for my Profile?New Article

  54. How does VIRDITION auditioning work?

  55. How does VIRDITION's audition management system work?

  56. How does VIRDITION's contest management system work?

  57. How fast can I build my network?

  58. How is VIRDITION different than all those other talent and entertainment industry sites?

  59. How safe is it to use Virdition?

  60. How To create a custom branded audition/Virdition

  61. How to Create and manage onsite/on-location auditions

  62. How to manage an Audition/Virdition

  63. How to schedule Impromp2 Appointments

  64. How to schedule LiveTime appointments

  65. How to Set up an Industry Pro. account and branding

  66. How to set up appointments and manage calendar

  67. How to use the LiveTime™ and Impromp2™ Live Audition Rooms

  68. I already have a large fanbase. Can I bring them with me?

  69. I am considering starting to act/sing/perform. How long will it take to get my first gig?

  70. I am crew, support or the other types of talent, is there a place for me on VIRDITION?

  71. I got a network code from someone. How do I use it?

  72. I have a looming deadline. How fast can I search/create a portfolio/audition on the site?

  73. I have a talent/agent who is not on VIRDITION yet. What can I do?

  74. I have set my Calendar so that I am available for Live Auditions recurring daily, how do I set it to go on vacation for a week?

  75. I just want to find live entertainment. How can do I do that?

  76. I'm a voice actor, what else can I put up as my profile picture?

  77. Introduction to my Industry Pro. Dashboard

  78. Is there a way to configure which notifications I receive through my personal email?

  79. Is there a way to hide information when others view My Portfolio?

  80. Managing Audition/Virdition Submissions

  81. On the Music Tracks Recorder, when does it subtract my recording from my limit?

  82. Promoting Auditions

  83. Setting Up & Managing Appointments on Your Calendar

  84. Setting Up Your Industry Pro Branded Company Profile

  85. What about privacy?

  86. What are Promo Codes for?

  87. What can I do on VIRDITION?

  88. What do I put in the Audition/Casting Location?

  89. What if I need to cancel my account?

  90. What is a Network Code and how do they work?

  91. What is a network code?

  92. What is a promo code?

  93. What is the Dashboard?

  94. What is the difference between an Audition and a Contest?

  95. What's the difference between the LiveTime™ Group Live Audition and Impromp2™ One-on-One Live Audition?

  96. Which plan(s) support the Branding option for Industry Pros?

  97. Who are 'Contest Promoters'?

  98. Who are 'Industry Professionals'?

  99. Who are 'Talent'?

  100. Why is there only a yearly subscription? Can I just pay monthly?

  101. Why should I create my portfolio here?

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